JeeVice Optics Mad

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Item Description:

Jee Vice Eyewear creates cutting edge designs with love and passion for true girls. Each pair is hand designed, hand painted and hand finished to ensure a lasting, high quality product that wont disappoint. The sunglasses give you the perfect style, comfort and fit through Jee Vices innovative technology.

Its no surprise that celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Stacy Keibler, and European rocker Anna Mercedes have fallen in love with these stellar shades. Frames: The stunning sunglasses designs are made of a lightweight nylon frame material called JVX-90, an exceptional fabric with added Titanium and Carbon powder to produce extremely durable shades that resist high temperatures and harsh elements. The material provides high flex memory for a universally flattering fit that maintains its glossy finish.

Metal frames feature an extremely strong, prestigious alloy called Alpacca 18 that is hypoallergenic corrosion resistant. Polycarbonate Lenses: Polycarbonate, high-tech lens material ensures you the clearest vision possible. The lightweight PC lenses have a tough coating for extra scratch resistance.

The sunlenses are designed with vision enhancing properties, eliminating prismatic distortion in the periphery, reducing blind spots and improving vision throughout the entire lens.

JeeVice Optics Mad
JeeVice Optics Mad
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Designer: JeeVice Optics